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Forex trading

Generally, traders' perception of the risk of the various market positions that a trader faces is a function of the outcome of two or three recent transactions (depending on his personality). On the other hand, successful traders will not be affected by the outcome of their last trades either negatively or positively, and therefore their perception of different situations (transaction) and the risk of this position They are ineffective from personal and psychological variables. This great distance between the mental states of successful traders and others may lead to the belief that successful traders have a kind of intrinsic and devotional way of thinking that makes this a big difference, but I assure you that this is not the case. All the traders I've worked with over the last eight years have learned well how to concentrate on "current momentum" (meaning no regard for the past). Of course, this is a common problem, and the birth is the essence of our social and educational structure and is not specific to a particular person.توصيات ذهب

There are other factors related to self-esteem and self-esteem that can be an obstacle to your continued success, but what you want to talk about is the most important and fundamental component of your success (in terms of Psychologist) as a trader:

Uncertainty Principle"!

If there is a mystery about the success of some traders, then it's clear that they have the following abilities:

1- A transaction without a sense of fear and also without excessive self-confidence
توصيات فوركس

2. Understanding the position that the market offers to the market itself (and not the trader's expectations)

3. Full focus on "current market situation"

4- Self-sustaining in "Success Zone [1]"

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